Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Vasilopita - Greek New Year's Cake

OK, I've promised you guys on instagram that in the New Year I will be consistent when it comes to our blog. So here I am, January 1st, 7am in the morning, getting to it.

I've tried the Vasilopita a few years back at a local greek Fresh Market and loved it. I wanted to make it ever since, but never got around it until today. For those of you that are not familiar with Vasilopita it's a cake that contains a lucky coin on the inside, kind of like the Serbian Cesnica on Christmas Day, It is divided among the family members and whoever gets the coin will be lucky all year round.

To read more in detail and about the religious aspect of Vasilopita, click here.


4 cups flour
- 1 cup butter softened 
- 3 eggs
- 1 3/4 cup of sugar
- 2 tbs baking powder
- 1 1/2 cups of orange juice
- 1 tbs of orange zest
- 1 tsp vanilla 
- powdered sugar 


1) Pre-heat oven at 350F (180C).

2) Butter and sprinkle flour over a 10" or 8" (for thicker results) pan.
3) In a bowl, mix butter & sugar until sugar resolves and mixture is fluffy.
4) Add orange juice, vanilla & orange zest, continue mixing at medium speed.
5) Whip the eggs in a bowl and add to butter mixture.
6) Mix flour and baking powder, then add to wet ingredients.. mix for two mins on low speed, but don't overtax. If you're adding a coin, do it now.
7) Bake for 45 mins to an hour. Use toothpick to check if ready. Insert toothpick into batter, if it comes out clean it's good to go.
8) Remove from oven and let cool. 
9) Flip the cake up-side down and sprinkle with powder sugar.

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